Corbital Properties

Corbital Properties is a modern real estate agency based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. This young and energetic organization blends proven and innovative techniques in buying and selling luxury homes in Zimbabwe. Their expertise is in identifying, assessing and managing investment opportunities in the market.
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What we did

Our team was tasked to design and and implement a modern website design that would appeal to prospective luxury homeowners both local and international.

We defined the user journey for searching for and purchasing properties online. Setting clear distinct goals for Corbital's users helped us priorities which features to build first and inspire a visual flow of the experience.

The Result

What we ended up creating was a user-friendly, uncluttered flow that dynamically responds to prospective home-owners' needs and preferences.
They were such a great team to work with and the quality of work they produced for my business really exceeded my expectations.
M. Mhlanga
Director, Corbital Properties, Zimbabwe

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