Cake Studio Zimbabwe

Cake Studio Zimbabwe is a woman-owned small business that enables Zimbabweans in the diaspora to express their love to relatives back home with cake. They provide delivery services for a wide variety of anytime cake flavors within Harare, Zimbabwe. Despite their expertise in anytime cakes, Cake Studio's specialty is in making elaborate Wedding cakes.
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What we did

Our team led an end-to-end redesign of their product experience and social + digital marketing presence. Our approach was heavily inspired by their diverse audience of Zimbabwean's in the diaspora who demand easier ways of getting goods and services delivered to relatives back home.

Whatsapp being one of the most popular communication platforms in Zimbabwe, the Cake Studio team requested that all order requests from mobile devices be directed to Whatsapp for quick responses. Our developers were happy to make that possible for them.

The Result

We came up with a website that was deeply integrated with Cake Studio's digital marketing initiative. Complete integration with their customer relations software, Facebook and WhatsApp business accounts. Within a few days of launch the website started converting visitors into customers.
I'm so glad I invested in a website for my company. Its worth every cent. My sales have increased and I'm now able to reach clients all over the world 24/7. I love the professional look my website has now. Good job!!
Beverley Moyo
Co-Owner, Cake Studio, Zimbabwe

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9 George Silundika, Harare, Zimbabwe