5 reasons Zimbabwean businesses should change email addresses

It’s amazing how many things in business are dependant on trust. We could safely say almost everything, from currency stability to getting your first order from a big corporate client. However, many Zimbabwean small business owners try to ignore this fact to their peril.

With the crunch economic variables in Zimbabwe, scammers are on the rise and you don’t want to be viewed as one of them. Many businesses are on the lookout for scammers and are skeptical of companies that look dodgy.

Few companies take seriously businesses that use generic email addresses from service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo. While this free service may appear economical, it is costing your business on potential customers. Having a personalized email account is one of the cheapest things you can have that gives your business huge benefits.

1. Get a professional Outlook

Get a professional outlook and attract the business you deserve. Customers feel more secure and trust businesses that have personalized emails. In short; a business on a Yahoo or Gmail account is considered a brief-case company, dubious or worse; a scam. On the other hand, branded email accounts give your business a professional, reliable, committed and established business outlook.

2. Improve team collaboration and information sharing

Personalized emails integrate your company into one communication platform. This even allows you to share contacts, calendars, tasks, and reviews easily. You can motivate junior officers and promote teamwork by creating personalized email accounts for all your team members.

3. Get more control of your company information.

Some companies that used generic email accounts lost a huge customer base when one of their senior employees left. Usually, when senior employees leave your company they may open a new company in your line of business. They then use the rapport they created with your customers and continue communicating using the same Gmail or Yahoo account. On the other hand, you have control over personalized email accounts, which you can add or delete as and when it is necessary.

4. Get international Partners in your sector

Whether you supply products or offer services to your customers, at one time or another you have to communicate with companies outside Zimbabwe. Many of them are looking for partners locally, however, part of their due diligence is to check if your company is stable. No matter how good you may be, using a Gmail or Yahoo email address might be the reason why they could choose to go with your competition.

5. Increased Flexibility

Research done by CZI shows that businesses in Zimbabwe are operating in a survival mode and with skeletal staff. Regardless, your business may still appear stable even with little or even one employee. Personalized emails allow you to create many email accounts managed by one person, such as; [email protected], [email protected].

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