When COVID-19 statistics changed into names I know

January 12, 2021
The January sun went down and the usual darkness enveloped the atmosphere. The usual night chill grasped Kwekwe Zimbabwe.

I was greeted by an unusual fear. A Fear of the monster I had heard of in the papers and never thought he would look me in the eye one day.

From the dark, he gave of his evil smile. Groped somewhere close to me and snatched yet another close friend.

This time it was Thola Usman Banda, the man who taught me everything I know about photography.

It was devastating.

Just a few weeks after the arrival of his first and much-awaited ‘bundle of joy,’ he breathed his last. Leaving his wife and the little baby. Just when we were sharing the felicitations for the new baby.
Mine is no unique case. You could have faced a similar if not worse situation. Covid-19 and its new variant now known as COVID-2 is fast spreading and leaving a trail of destruction.

COVID-19 Cases in the country continue to rise, every day. The darkest day was the 5th of January 2021, with 1365 new cases and 34 deaths.

Now, covid-19 is taking away the people we know and love. What was just statistics in the news, is fast becoming names of people we care about. And, we can’t just be extra careful.

Well, we could be now facing COVID-19 fatigue. We’re plagued by anxiety, the unfathomable prospect of us or our relatives dying information overload and conspiracies.

As we’ve just plunged into yet another lockdown for a good 30 days.

We’ve learnt the lesson the hard way.

That COVID-19 is still with us and kills. Unfortunately, it still has no known cure to date.

It has almost become a song that we should avoid touching our faces, sanitise, mask up and social distance. But many people continue to be infected, affected and in worse cases die of the virus.

Let’s stay connected to our families online, let’s embrace technology and do business online.

Be sure to have an active website and social media presence to keep you going. Faced with this new wave of social media medial pundits who are recommending all sorts of interventions. Let’s stay positive and be selective of the information we consume, as we look to the new year with optimism.

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